Take The 45-Day Posture Challenge in Kalamazoo MI

Take The 45-Day Posture Challenge in Kalamazoo MI

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Day 1:  Check Your Posture

To kick off our 45-Day Posture Challenge, it is important for you to check your current posture in Kalamazoo MI so you can see your progress!  Please call our office to setup at time for a Free Posture Assessment OR take a few minutes to take your own photos of your pre-challenge posture.  Standing in your natural style, have a friend take a picture of you from the side and front while standing.

What is good posture in Kalamazoo MI?

Once you have taken your pictures, look at the side picture.  Are your ears lined up over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hips, and your hips over your ankles?  When looking at the front picture, are your shoulders and hips level, and your chin, breast bone and belly button all lined up?  This gives you a good starting point of your areas for improvement.

The Poor Posture Habit.

Your posture is something that develops over time and can become what I call "a poor posture habit." The majority of people suffer from this, and it is a big contributor to aches and pains. Poor posture puts stress on your muscles and bones and leads to inefficiencies in how they operate.  These inefficiencies often lead to additional wear and tear on your joints which not only cause pain but also reinforces poor posture. The sooner we can get you out of the poor posture habit, the sooner we will help decrease the pain and improve the function.

The goal of the 45-Day Posture Challenge is to help you turn your poor posture habit into a good posture habit.  One that strengthens your supportive tissues and redistributes your weight properly, especially your spine and hips. Your posture will influence how the slippery pads that support your spinal joints function and allow them to move smoothly.

For the next 45 days we will be assessing peoples' posture for free at our office. We want to help you identify where your posture needs work and the best ways to move from a poor posture habit to a good one!


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